Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day

Artist: The Flaming Mudcats

Label: Mudcat Music

Release Date: 9 Dec 2020

Genre: Blues

Musicians: Craig Bracken, Doug Bygrave, Johnny Yu, Ian Thomson

Graham Reid – ELSEWHERE. 11/1/21

Forever and A Day is the newest album from The Flaming Mudcats.

Featuring fourteen original songs, this album reflects the band’s progressive song writing talents influenced by their passion for Rhythm n Blues, Funk, Blues, Rock n Roll and Soul.

So listen up loud and join the guys on their latest music road trip.

The new album Forever And A Day, is simply stunning…

Sunlive Live, Tauranga 18.12.2020

Auckland’s four-piece Flaming Mudcats here neatly mix things up using the blues as a springboard in soul-blues, funk, horn-punctuated r’n’b.

Graham Reid – ELSEWHERE. 11/1/21

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