The Flaming Mudcats Albums

The Flaming Mudcats have produced four albums populated with their brand of infectious rhythm and blues. The blues reminiscent of the classic electric Chicago blues are delivered with the kind of style and polished that shows that these musicians have paid their dues.

Still, it is the variety and confidence of the originals that stand out.

To be sure there are shuffles, but there are an equal measure of James Brown power beats, and strong but tasty blues ballads slotted in at just the right moment.

In the studio the The Flaming Mudcats have taken the time to add depth to the arrangements. A superb horn section adds horsepower, and the mix is seasoned with rocking piano.

The result is that, if you’ve seen the the band play live, it is still worth taking a CD home, or adding it to your favourites in Spotify or iTunes, because the added sophistication of the studio production, makes for a listening experience that put The Flaming Mudcats up there with the best of New Zealand Aotearoa’s best blues records.