Gave You What You Wanted

Artist: The Flaming Mudcats

Label: Mudcat Music

Release Date: 11 February 2012

Genre: Rhythm and Blues

Musicians: Craig Bracken, Doug Bygrave, Sean McCarthy, Ian Thomson

In late 2011 the band just up and played live in the studio, cutting loose on a repertoire comprising of mostly original material, hoping to capture their live gig sound.

Their debut album Gave You What You Wanted is the end result which has been critically acclaimed both in New Zealand and the USA.

Gave You What You Wanted seems an obvious title for the album; not only is it the name of a blazing Ike Turner song that the band particularly enjoys firing out at gigs, but it is also the band’s long overdue response to fans clamouring “Got any CDs?”

A rich blend of Blues, old fashioned Rock n Roll, R n B and a hint of Country, makes for an exciting fast paced debut album that will leave you smiling and your toes tapping till the last chords ring out.

Gave You What You Wanted, is a tough exciting blast of electric blues, solid and propulsive, as though the Fabulous Thunderbirds or an equally staunch band had set up in New Zealand.

Winston Watusi of the Bay of Plenty’s Sun Live newspaper

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