Artist: The Flaming Mudcats

Label: Mudcat Music

Release Date:  June 2014

Genre: Rhythm and Blues

Musicians: Craig Bracken, Doug Bygrave, Sean McCarthy, Ian Thomson

Fresh from their whirlwind tour of the USA and full of inspiration, The Flaming Mudcats set about recording their second album ‘Mistress’.
The album spans the gamut of blues styles, and presents a refreshing take on traditional blues themes.

Saucy and seductive, that ‘other woman’ that they just can’t get enough of, that ‘bit on the side’ they can play around with, the wanton woman they can cut loose with…. the blues.

This time around, the band enlisted the combined keyboard talents of Craig Denham, Justin James and David Thomas, and brought in the Hellfire Horns for extra propellant on a handful of tracks.

From the incandescent slow-burner ‘Drinking My Life Away’, to the sly rhumba groove of ‘Itchin’ and Scratchin’, to the combustible ‘Superman’, ‘Mistress’ is a blazing bonfire of boogie.

The sole cover on the album is The Mudcats’ take on Albert King’s ‘Breaking Up Somebody’s Home’.

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